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's america. greg? >> andy, can you blame people in obama's america not wanting to run with the bulls? >> i am just surprised the bulls want to come here what with obamacare and all. >> exactly. >> and you can only use 49 bulls in assisted of 50. >> i think there are 58 bulls. >> eight won't be eligible for health care. >> enough of this. look who is here. she is so british her blood type is marmalade. i am here #w* imogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries" and if hilarity was a soap dispenser they would pump him in the office bathroom. he is writer examine comedian jake fogelnest. bill schulz is out of town and filling in is my nude rock climbing instructor, michael moynahan. glad you combed your hair. and he is not allowed within 50 feet of a hot air balloon. next to me, america's future foundation. that's not magestic. camille foster. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. get ready for an hour's worth of tmi. >> will he be less graby after time and rehaby? well san diego mayor bob filner has started two weeks of intensive therapy as he faces calls for his
for our pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, america's sweetheart. you are as adorable as ever. >> thank you. >> some members of the 1972 miami dolphins will be skipping a white house ceremony about their win. tonight's outrage hating panel is outraged. and a new poll which ask is the hottest, the dumbest, the craziest and more. our panel will insult all of you at one point or another. and sunny, the new portuguese water dog. i even want to hang out with the obamas on saturday night. >> thank you, we'll see you at the end. let's welcome our guest. despite what we put her through on this show she returns our e-mails and schools back. imogen lloyd webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries." and he is as talented as he is tall. it is jake fogelness. check it out on something called itunes. bill schulz. he thinks she on the set of "the good wife" right now. and proving that 99% in life is having a good name and great hair. next to me is buck sexton, not to be confused with the philanthropist. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> what
bila for a pre game report. jedediah, what is coming up ongp tonight's show? >> thanks, america's sweetheart. you are as adorable as ever.v our top story, some members of ths e 1972 miami dolphins will be swimming a white house ceremonyny because they don't like obama's politics. welcome to the club, boys. are they principal and admirable or meanies out to hurt our president's feelings. >> and a new poll asks which are the hottest, dumbest,t, craziest and we will find out more. and finally you will meet sunny, the family's new dog. i even want to hang out with the obamas on saturday night. >> see you at the end. let's welcome our tabes. well, despite what we put herde through on this show for several years she still returns our e-mails asking her to come back. i am here with imogen lloydebbe webber. her latest book is called "the twitter diaries." and he is as talented as he is tall. she on the set of "the good wife" right now. and proving that 99% in life is having a good name and great hair. next to me is buck sexton, not to be confused with the philanthropist. >> a block. the
. >> (inaudible) this is so obama's america. concerned moms and dads reacted angry on line and they should. there was a campaign against the a d. jc penney released the at the same time our intent was not to trivialize bullying. we are committed to have a range of styles for kids to express individuality and did that while punching a baby in the face. yes, a baby. you know who doesn't need friends? dogs who play fetch by themselves. ♪ that is really out. but you know it is really lonely. after all of that, welcome to the program. would you call reaction to the a d over reaction or underreaction or perhaps an avcaddo. >> i don't so it at all. they take me on a shopping spre in jc penney and i never seen the clots and things i neverine opened and they have interesting clothes going on there. >> i love jc penney and some of the mannequins are alluring and many times i am escorted out after perhaps on on >> how do you have rom on on room in your apartment for those mannequins. >> when i dress them like guests on redeye. >> oh, no. >> you should see the terry mannequin. someone who is often
and other discriminatory groups. the group named the boy scouts, the future farmer of america has examples of groups that could lose their tax relief if found to discriminate against stuff like sexual orientation and nationality and freckles. supporters of the bill says groups should not get preferable treatment from the irs if they discriminate. it forces organizations with faith-based beliefs to adopt the government's outlook on sexual orientation and gender identity. meanwhile, kitty tether ballers of america are exempt for some reason. >> can i ask you? >> what, robert? >> what did you say? what tether ballers? >> cat tether -- -- what did yoi said? >> the other word, not kitty. >> oh, feline. >> it is called the youth equality act, robert. how can you be against something like that? >> who said i was against it? >> i don't know. i am accusing you of something. >> i think even should have equal whatever they want. what happened to the last 50 years? these organizations were thriving and people were going good and i think this political correctness now into the tax thing is what it is a
. in for him, america's baby-sitter, liz mcdonald. she has a pre game report. liz, what is coming up on tonight's show? >> greg, what did the white house say about the obama rodeo clown? that's between the white house and me. also are jet packs for real? and do they come in child size for greg? finally what did bill schulz learn about a beach sandcastle competition? sadly, we will find out. back to you, greg. >> that joke about me being tiny sun called for -- is uncalled for, especially if you are a guest jism because are you stronger than a storm as governor chris christie would say. >> she is so sweet she gives cavities to candy. it is joel lean -- jolene kent. >> lame. >> how dare you? >> you are getting it from all angles tonight. >> he is so sharp that pocket knives use him to widdle. it is buck sex ton, his real name, the co-host of "the real news" on blaze tv. and his parents tried to sell him on ebay for a sack of old potatoes, my sidekick, bill schulz. and if insightful commentary was a delivery i would wait for him to come on my doorstep. michael money -- moynihan. >> a block. the led
will give the daily caller is they used the picture for matt damon that was in team america and that alone should give them points. the reason that matt damon was developmentally disabled in the movie is you look at the puppet and they said his one word can be matt damon the entire movie and that made me laugh. one word and he said it quickly. >> the thing that drives me crazy is the use of the word agitate as a positive word. he said he will agitate for change. >> he is agitating. >> from chuckle heads to checkpoint, should their domain include the train? the sweep continues to creep. the new york times, a natural paper, reports that the agency greatly expanded its reach to sporting events and the music festivals and the rodeos -- rodeos? and the train terminals. visible interm ho dal and -- intermodal and response teams are assigned to conduct random security checks at transit hubs across america. and while the tsa and the local law enforcement say they encountered the terrorism efforts some passengers call them unnecessary and intrusive. and the civil liberties groups say they accounted
city in america is all of the south. actually five of the top 10 are southern including charleston in savannah. fun fact, i have never been to charleston, especially in the late 1990s when all of the male escorts went missing. can't emphasize that one enough. anyway, speaking of rude. >> oh, and animals are mean to other animals and it makes humans look a little nicer. >> that cat suffocated. >> suffocated with hilarity. >> but then dies. >> yes, dies -- >> you can't prove that. >> it died of laughter, ambassador. i have an issue with this friendly versus unfriendly thing. and i was hoping you could give me a nonnonsense cal answer and you don't just babble. they are saying friendly, not friendly. isn't this code for something else? >> it is code for this is a sham because they are jerks everywhere. >> you are missing my point. >> my question is don't they mean something else when you look at the list? >> it means that this is a travel survey and the city is probably, and i don't know for sure, supporty the magazine or had some other interest there. >> she is evading the question f
m. -- welcome to obama's america. >>> i am here with meteorologist janice dean, the weather machine. she has a children's book coming out on monday. it is called freddy the forecaster -- broadcaster. sorry. and the editor-in-chief of "maxim magazine" and bill schulz who is as lovely to be around as he is talented. and next to me, gavin mcguinness. i pretend i haven't met him before, but he is nice. his book "the death of cool" is available in paperback. a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> did the court come up short? bradley manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison forgiving hundreds of thousands of classified documents to wikileaks. it is the stiffest punishment ever involving leaks, but short of the 90 years he could have received. manning's lawyer stunned by the severity telling "the daily beast" that there is a good young man who did what he thought was morally right and for the right reasons and we sentenced somebody the way we would sentence somebody for murder. others think they were too lenient. they wrote, this sentence risks seoding the wrong message for
the system and that is a big problem. >> coming up, how can we fix america? paul mccurio discusses his thank you book, get rid of me. america applauds your candor. what is chris brown planning to do after his next album? if we are lucky, punch paul mccurio in the face. >> why is he talking? should we give them the bird for protecting our nerd? president obama has canceled an upcoming meeting with vladimir putin over russia's decision to give edward snowden temporary uh sigh limb -- asylum. they are talking about missal defense as the rub behind the snub. the fearless leader let his thoughts be known during a visit to "the tonight show." >> there were times they sliped back into the cold war thinking and a cold war mentality. what i consistently say to them and what i say to president putin is that is the past. we have to think about the future and there is no reason why we shouldn't be able to cooperate more effectively than we do. >> meanwhile, in russia. >> a whole other country there, people. the cat is still dead. amy, in the green room you said we should nuke the bough -- the bajesus ou
point, actually. she should have just got it. shouldn't oprah apologize to america for our socialist in chief. >> she tried to pay in u.s. dollars and that's why she couldn't afford it. the lesson is that switzerland should just stay neutral. in you are a swiss shop keeper and oprah says should i buy this bag, just say i don't know. don't ask me. >> first of all, what are you because i never saw one of you before. secondly, which bag? the blue one? the blue one, yeah, that's nice. just be human beings and this could have been solved. >> that's true. rut desmond tutu at this -- you are the desmond tutu at this table. >> i a little tutu in me. i don't want to toot my own horn. >> pab, do you think this was a translation issue, or did she make the assumption that because she was black she couldn't afford it? >> we are over looking the real question here which is why on earth would anyone spend $38,000 for a purse? >> it is chanel. >> it is something you put your keys and make up in. >> it was the january fer an us us -- the jennifer an miss stone purse. it is called the aniston. >> mayb
drugs in suburban america? >> i don't think it has anything to do with drugs. this is about guns. >> well maybe you do, maybe you don't. you have a choice. do you want to be new new york city with a low murder rate or chicago which is a slaughter house every weekend? why should more people want to die because they don't want to be searched? >> if you lived in a neighborhood with the high crime -- >> well, we get these posters in the entry of my building saying beware. there are a lot of break ins in these neighborhoods. but stop and frisk gets people on low-level drug busts and a bit of marijuana or whatever it is that person is carrying that person then gets a criminal record. you don't see nyu students getting a record for their drug use. >> i think she likes the superman curl i am effecting right now. >> bill, y u don't have to worry about being randomly searched, but i think it is because nobody wants o touch you, am i correct? >> you are correct. that is my smell. let me live my life jie. isn't it troubling that mayor bloomburg says he might have a different policy if he ha
was talking about america is afraid of talking about race. now we are talking about it, and it is becoming a two-way street. >> it only took two or three or four dead white people. >> the brave conversation we have yet to get to which is ben affleck. ya or yay? >> that's b block. don't jump ahead. the last time you jumped ahead you know what happened. >> i fell into a sewer. >> that is true. and then you didn't bathe for a week. sphie from games to -- >>> from games to names they pay no mind to his crime and will frown on a pronoun. some media are focusing on what to call bradley manning. not why he is going to jail, but how he should be called. new york magazine posted a story titled, why is it so hard to call chelsea manning she? scolding other outlets for denying her request to use the feminine pronoun. i still think he looks great there. outlets like usa today, a paper, reported that, quote, he intends to live out the remainder of his life as a woman. the writer wonders why is it so hard for people to type an extra s when they write about manning? we up -- updated our -- how do you say
. filling in is fox business network and america's baby-sitter, liz mcdonald. she has our pre game report. >> thanks, greg. were the founding fathers dangerous extremists? some say no, but jonathon hunt says yes. stupid brit. and whose behavior at the video music awards was worse, miley cyrus or robin thicke? it is the most important question of the year. and why has the cost of college education risen more than 500% since 1985? we will let people who do not understand economics give their opinion and then later i will explain why they are wrong. greg? >> that's why you are here, liz. >> delighted to be with you. >> see you in a bit. let's welcome our guests. she is so sharp she sleeps on a dart board. it is a first-time guest, washington freebie con reporter allison barber, number 23. you have a pen in your ear. if hilarity was a cross-word puzzle i would do him in my pajamas while siping an espresso, comedian tom cotter and my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so british his stiff upper live has a stiff upper live and they own a cottage near the palace guardment jonathon hunt,
in obama's america. roll with the boring tape. >> widespread incarceration at the federal, state and local levels is both ineffective and unsustainable. it imposes a significant economic burden totaling $80 billion in 2010 alone, and it comes with human and moral costs that are impossible to calculate. >> is that like hillary's older sister back there? he also introduced related policies that would expand compassionate released of elderly prisoners. i bet they are going to be adorable like this. >> is that willford? >> yes. he is doing time foreman slaughter. for manslaughter. clint, how should we fix the criminal justice system? >> i look at it from a personal standpoint. i would really -- okay that's all i have. >> all right, all right, you can say more. >> i would really like for the jails to be more roomy in case i get thrown into them. >> why daunt -- i am half for what holders are talking about. but if you have -- if crime is going down and the prisons are overcrowded why not build more prisons which would actually create more jobs. a lot happen to like prisons. it is great for the e
inside that is most important. should america then pay for his surgery? >> that's a good point, greg, and i am glad i raised it. first of all the ironic part is that he gets sentenced to 35 years the day before i realized i would have slept with him. >> you are the real loser here then, my friend. >> i really am. chelsea, you poor dear. >> you would have, by the way. >> should he get his benefits? no. once you are convicted and sent to prison -- bradley manning made a choice and a decision -- i have nothing against somebody getting hormone therapy, obviously. i don't think the state should be forced to give it to you if you go to jail. it is not like you have brain cancer. believe me, i am a big supporter of the transgender community. >> you really are. you put a lot into their community. sometimes you take it out. >> more than i care to, but yes i do. >> you have suck our community dry -- you are sucking our community droi. >> they wouldn't give you hormone therapy when you served in korea? >> i am regretful for all of that. shame on all of you for saying he. >> i said she and then
schools is all of these kids aren't there contributing. it is only 10% of the kids in america and aren't women who abort their babies, aren't they horrible people too? they should be in public schools right now. so if you really want to help the public schools, stop aborting your children. >> and i should stop [bleep]. >> please don't stop that. >> i want to ask bill this question. you wept to high school at mrs. huh kens academy for sequential hemaphrodites. and this is what bugs me. she left out one obvious esh you. how do you comply to her beliefs? you have to punish people who did not go to public school. you have to pesh them. you have to force them. >> mrs. hop kins is now mr. hopkins because she was a dean and a former student. secondly the big problem -- sequential, that's how they do. it is not just for frogs. >> secondly, the fatal flaw with this is none of it is mumbo jumbo. >> it was the fact that she was expecting the moms to do this for the future children. these helicopter moms today, they are only interested in the stuff they crapped out. >> it doesn't work that way. it
to be and make the money and coming from the dregs of latin america, the really poor communities and this is your way out -- >> it is gambling. even if you get busted you came outweigh ahead. you risk the shame for a couple hundred million dollars. >> a lot of these guys -- we are not talking about mensa members. they are going out there to use their body to make as much as they possibly can. they say if he can do it -- but there is a money angle to. the reason i believe major league baseball is so hard on these guys is because the more numbers they create the higher contracts go. if they can suppress the numbers the contracts are not going to go as high. don't think for one moment there is not that part of the equation associated with this. >> interesting point. we have to go. remember to check out boomer's foundation. it is esiason.org. >> no dash? winky face? i am stupid. i am a member of mensa by the way. the post game report from tv's the post game report from tv's andy levy. huh...fifteen minutes the post game report from tv's andy levy. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insuran
and they believe the big thrillers and they also have a strange thing here in america where they assume that they are looking at me. i am so freaking interesting. i don't know how many times i say it and i don't expect anyone to believe it, unless you are involved in terrorist activity or criminal activity the government doesn't give a [bleep]. >> our sensors give a hoot about what you just said. we will have to bleep that. okay, mr. man? >> i didn't hear it? >> [bleep]. >> he said the f-word and now he said it twice. >> [bleep]. >> now three. >> mike, i generally agree with what you said, but the self-reporting thing it means they got caught on a lie detector test or they knew they were going to have the lie detector test. >> didn't anybody see "true lies"? wasn't it romantic how he toyed with his wife? >> compromise our national security to find out if his wife was cheating on him? >> that was great. >> it is an art and not a science. it is only as good as the operator and the conditions that a lot of psychos can pass the polygraph. >> are you calling me a psycho? >> you touched on an
and a revolt among some fast food workers in america. [chanting]
. >> from groping to squatting, is america best at not leaving the nest. highest number in over 500 years of 18-31 are living at home. most of my friends that have graduated are living at home because they cannot pay rent and pay for their student loans t s the same time. as courage the cats nothing is impossible. >> wow. i want to see that again. >> we will see that again. perhaps tonight at my place over drinks. robert, you were saying in the green room, the only solution was to kill everyone. that seems harsh. >> i like this thing. >> you do? >> i do. i like that the kids are staying with the family. in italy and europe, that's common. they stay with the family in a while and then their nest starts out and i think in a certain way it's keeping the family together more. although the reason for it is a bad economy. which is not a good thing and these kids not getting jobs and the rest of it. but there's a nice -- there's a nice pay off for this one. i have my daughter stay home with me, they are 21, 23, and it's lovely to have them. >> i guess so, if they are truly your daughters. we hav
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)